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Wentworth Puzzles: The Interior and Exterior of the Wren Library, 500 and 250 pcs

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The Wren Library was completed in 1695, built to the designs of Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723), and these puzzles show the interior and exterior respectively.

The Library is a single large room built over an open colonnade on the ground floor of Nevile's Court. It is believed to the one of the first libraries to be built with large windows to give comfortable light levels to aid readers. The book stacks are arranged in rows perpendicular to the walls under the intervals between the windows. At the end of each stack is a limewood carving and above these are plaster cast busts of notable writers through the ages. Other marble busts standing on plinths depict notable members of the College. A later addition is a full size statue of Lord Byron carved by Bertel Thorvaldsen, located at the far end of the Library.

The Wren puzzles are finely laser-cut, premium quality jigsaws, featuring the famous Wentworth 'whimsy' and irregular pieces for an irresistible and rewarding challenge! The wood comes from forests managed on a sustainable basis. 

Puzzle of the interior of the Library: Dimensions: 51 cm × 36 cm. Number of pieces: 500.

Puzzle of the exterior of the Library: Dimensions: 36 cm × 25 cm. Number of pieces: 250